I Am Divided ( HI Res 24 Bit Recording)

by Scarlet Hollow

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Scarlet Hollow are back with a new single and a new album after a long hiatus, let’s rewind. October 30th 2012 the band release their soon to become critically acclaimed debut album “What If Never Was” in November just days after finishing the album Guitarist Gregg Olson had a massive stroke. Doctors told his wife and band vocalist Allison VonBülow that Gregg wouldn’t live past the first night. We were all horrified and in shock, thank goodness that was not the outcome. Fast forward to present day, after much physical therapy and rehabilitation Gregg and the band are back and better than ever with a new album due out before summer 2017.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming album Scarlet Hollow and Melodic Revolution Records have decide to make the lead single “I Am Divided” available for FREE Download for a limited time. This is not a cheesy 192 or less bit toss away side track. This is the same HI Res 24 Bit Recording that is on the upcoming album.


The grey sky calls
Come to the cliffs at midnight
The spray from the sea
Comforts my sadness and
Blankets my fears

There is a rainbow
You can barely see
A hint of color across the sky
It is trying to fade
Trying to hide
From the corners of my mind

Come to the edge
I am divided

There doesn't seem to be
A place for me to go
Swaying like a pendulum
Emotions rule my soul

And I am pulled apart
Shadow rules the darkness
The chill in the air
Gives a reason for the rain

Come to the edge
I am divided

Coming down from the woods
By the old dirt road
From the trail ahead
The smell of stale rotting wood

To see the man
Finding nothing
He doesn't see it coming
demons battling in his head

The template arises
Giving birth to a plan
A master guide
A resurrection
Eternal connection
Collective reasoning
Accidental rhyme

Come to the edge
I am divided


released March 7, 2017
The Band
Allison VonBuelow // Lyrics, Vocals & Acoustic Guitars
Gregg Olson // Electric Guitars & Keyboards
Jeff Mack // Bass Guitar & Bass Pedals
Jay Setar // Drums & Percussion

Studio Notes
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gregg Olson @ The Alien Workshop Moorpark Ca.
Written by Scarlet Hollow

Find more info about Scarlet Hollow @
Website: scarlethollow.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ScarletHollowMusic
MRR Profile: mrrmusic.com/scarlet-hollow/


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